Comradery is the way to go when traveling

I always travel with friends

For one thing it’s safer if you travel out of the country or all over the world to be in a group of people instead of just 1 or 2 people. Another reason I travel with friends is that it’s almost always more fun unless you’re planning a romantic get away of course. That’s completely different!

We normally travel with 6 other people so there’s 8 of us all together. The thing is we have the greatest time together. I am all about the traveling and having fun together, it’s just so much fun to have 8 people that can all afford to travel together at least once a year around mid June. Sometimes we do twice a year and try to do something in February so we can ski in the winter or head south and have summer weather all over again.

Bob and his with Elaina are one couple that goes with us on almost every trip. Bob owns a tree service and has been doing it a long time.

Steve and Diane are another couple that we love to go with and they’re always ready to go anywhere we want and they own a junk removal company.

Matthew and Beverly own a carpet cleaning company and go with us most of the time to.

Tom and Melody own a large painting company and have like 30 employees to help them out so they can travel a lot too.

Mike works on car windows tinted¬†all have fun together and I always miss them if they don’t make it on our little yearly trip.